Spurs Odds and Percentages Thread

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Curiously, where do you get these stats?

I quite like looking at the stuff on FiveThirtyEight, which currently has us at a 90% chance to finish Top 4.

Premier League Predictions
If you go back and read the OP there’s a spoiler containing information on how he drums these up. It’s a pretty logical way of calculating it, not as sofiaticated as 538’s model but also less reliant on statistical data that arguably correlates to winning footy points to differing degrees.


Moaning isn't moaning if its about our other fans.
Betting odds. I know they gotta make a profit but those odds are so tight!
1/20 man utd
1/16 liverpool
1/6 us
15/8 chelsea
200/1 Woolwich

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But Chelsea they can't even catch man City surely its illegal to take bets on dead horses.
Well, there's maybe a 1in 2000 chance that Man City are found to have committed some terrible crimes this season and are banned from the league? E.g. in realms of reality, Juvenile style match fixing.

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