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'you middle class out of touch cunt!'
flags etc shouldnt
Oh-ohh... an onine poll...
Prepare for it to be hijacked by Gooners!

...still, a giant flag of Perry Groves will look lovely in the South Stand next season!!!
An online poll for a flag by an account that is "against modern football" :llorisserious:

Surely they should want an old bed sheet with something painted on where the letters get smaaller
I bought a 3yd x 5ft flag from Hampshire flags in Waterlooville., it wasn't cheap....then I got it screen printed by a guy in Kingston, who produced a customized it for me, yes it cost around £60, but it's a fecking big flag and needed large lettering, I tired a few companies but they wouldn't do it with anything because the THFC and the Cockeral is Copyrighted, and they wouldn't do it without a letter from the club,,which was impossible to get.
Anyway the guy did a fecking awesome job, I've got THFC in the quadrants, a large,Cockeral in the middle and Walton-on-thames. Spurs across the cross section.
I took it to Sheffield but it wasn't allowed in cause it didn't have a fire certificate...... Seriously I had to hand it over to a Spurs steward, and collect it last Saturday.......it got a slight showing at the end of the game in the Park Lane, row 5........ It also got a showing on hols in Cyprus, when I took my boy to the Limasol game
If only I knew how to transfer a pic on here I would.
If you click on my picture, there's a pic of the flag.......
Kingston eh? Shame about the Chav megastore there.
I took that picture! And then of course Spurred On takes it without giving me any credit.
Some people seemed to be bothered by the flags, but I thought it was a cool way to start the match
Haha mate, they are scum, I really hate them, I actually avoid even giving them a click on youtube. Saw it on spurs away days. Thanks for the picture.
Yeah loved the flags. As it was set up by THST you could tell it was fan led. We should be doing it every game. THST on twitter said they would ask the club about doing just that.

PS I will credit you
Anyone bringing any special flags to the Wembley matches
...are we allowed?

I've got a Blue & White Handkerchief that adheres to Stadium Size & Safety regulations...
I sneezed in it during the 1981 Cup Final and haven't washed it since.... can I bring that in?

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