Spam vs Thee Mighty Tottenham Hotspur

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My flight from a week in Belfast (the glamour!) gets in at just the right time so I should arrive home just as this starts.

Perfect. If we can win at this disaster of a stadium Wembley next season won't seem such a problem anymore.


You know I ball like Ndombele
Another game in which a London rival will want to 'end our title challenge'

They're playing without a recognised striker at the moment, and they've had no real form at all this season. Win this and we are guaranteed second.

- Lloris -
- Walker Alderweireld Vertonghen Davies -
- Dembele Wanyama -
- Son Dele Eriksen -
- Kane -​

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I'm really not worried at all about this game. These cunts can only sing about blowing bubbles, but can't do anything concerning playing proper football.
So how do these cunts feel about playing us when they are meant to be rivals with the chavs?
It's a loose loose situation for them, so they will loose!
0-5 ....... Kane with a hat trick!

Subs: Vorm, Trippier, Rose, Wimmer, Sissoko, Son, Janssen

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