Southampton (A) 9th March - 1500 KO

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"You love Tottenham more than me"

"Darling I love Woolwich more than you, now fuck off"
When I owned a pub there was one customer who was going out with this girl for years.
He used to break up with her before her birthday and at Xmas so he wouldn't have to buy her a present.
He was in the pub 7 nights a week and used to drink about 7 or 8 pints a night.

Anyway, one night his girlfriend came in and said "Johnny, you have to make a choice, it's me or the drink".
He paused, looked at her, then at his pint and then looked at her again, and said,

"Well, you came a close second"

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They're another club that hates us, I enjoyed seeing a really mouthy Saints fan get what was coming to him right outside the away end after the game, and apparently some more got flung out for anti-semitic bollocks.
I remember this going back to the 80s.
A geezer in the park lane constantly giving us Nazi salutes.Eventually plod threw him out,and that was that.
I heard later, whilst having a post match pint in the Milford that the fella must have lost a lot of weight all the running he had to do after being ejected :)
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