Southampton (A) 9th March - 1500 KO

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You know I ball like Ndombele
Another big game before 3 well earned weeks off. Full strength, get the 3 points, which will be huge with United playing Woolwich and Chelsea having a tough match vs Wolves.

Dier and Winks we’re back vs Dortmund, and Alli is expected to return as well this weekend.

Aurier - Alderweireld - Vertonghen - Rose
Winks - Sissoko
Son - Dele* - Eriksen
If Dele isn’t fit then start Lucas. I think Dele’s return will really help Eriksen. Dele’s movement off the ball, his endless running and all round play has been a huge miss.

It won’t be an easy game, but we’ve shown vs Dortmund that we are capable of winning no matter what.

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Chess extraordinaire
Hate the fact we have 3 weeks off in all honesty - we always look so much better when we have games coming thick and fast but at least this is in 4 days time.

Aurier - Alderweireld - Vertonghen - Rose
Sissoko - Dier - Eriksen
Lucas - Kane - Son
Would be an absolute shame if Winks is out for this as we do lack control in there without him and Southampton are a lot better under Hassenhuttl - they should have won at Old Trafford at the weekend and they are going to be scrapping for their lives.

Our bench should be pretty strong for this one however. Likely to see Sanchez, Winks, Dele, Lamela and Llorente on there and plenty of ways to change a game. Winks to control, Dele to add more goal threat, Llorente to add an aerial presence etc

I think we'll win this. I don't think we'll see the clinical Spurs but any 3 points will do here. Get in and out there and on our holidays for 3 weeks off. We play before Man Utd, Woolwich and Chelsea so a good opportunity to open the gap and then sit back, put our feet up and watch Chelsea potentially drop points to Wolves and hope Woolwich and Man Utd kick the shit out of eachother whilst drawing the game.

Don’t change a winning formula unless necessary.
We have just played a fucking blinder against a European giant.
3 weeks off after this one. So all guns blazing for the 3 points then a well earned break for the boys.
Same team as today if possible. If not, minimal rotation. Ease Dele back in if he’s ready as a sub.
Poch was already talking about this in the post match interview today - the players will know how important this game is.

Let's see what Wink's condition is. Thought Dier played really well today; would be happy to see him play.

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You know I ball like Ndombele
Genuinely don't understand how Moura is no longer in contention - was our best player beginning of the season
His stats haven’t been great since though. Only one assist in his time at Spurs, which came in the FA Cup. He’s good for the odd goal, but needs to work on his end product more. Great option to have still, and has provided crucial and brilliant moments though.
Yep all attention to this now.

No Billy big bollocks fcuk-ups.

Got to try and get back to winning ways.

By far and away represents our best chance of a return to next year's Champions League.

Same team if fit or Dier in for Winks if not, with Alli on the bench alongside Moura, Lamela and Llorente. If not then only Rose in for Davies.


Do we want Winks and Alli to go away with England?

One could argue that it’ll do Winks good to further integrate in to the England set up and with Alli he can get his match fitness up.

On the other hand, would be good to give them the break and at Spurs Lodge.
Dier for Winks. Dele on the bench (20 minutes at the end).

We put five past them at Wembley. I'd take 0-1.

In the last 5 minutes, Kane, Winks (if he plays), Dier, Rose, Dele (on as sub) to pick up calf strains.

Then off to the beach for a couple of weeks!
I don't think Dele will make the bench. They'll want to avoid making him look available for the international qualifiers
Maybe you're right. He'll have a further couple of weeks to complete his recovery.

If he comes on as sub, I do have him picking up a strategic calf strain in the last 5 minutes.
So, Poch in the stands for this one... maybe not the worst scenario, as no doubt the Saints fans would be barracking him all game were he on the touchline...
I don't believe they have such any beef with Jesus Perez or Big Toni Jiminez???
3 points please. Important to build up a buffer again. I want a fully focused team ready to kill.
3 points are absolutely massive in this game. Win this one and we know that winning the rest of our home games pretty much gets us through to the top 4 as I can't see 2 of Woolwich, Chelsea & Man U picking up the necessary points required to top our 18 we'd accumulate. It'll give us 3 free throws of the dice against Liverpool, Man City & Bournemouth

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Genuinely don't understand how Moura is no longer in contention - was our best player beginning of the season
Both him and Lamela have had chances to impress but have been shit. It was the latter's turn to come on and be shit last night so you'd imagine Lucas will get his chance to come on and be shit against Southampton.
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