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HarryHotspur said:
does that picture not make you think he's looking at a 12 year old he's just about to rape? i think it would make a good smiley anyway.
I prefer to think he was looking at a lady in the crowd and saying "later on, you will be pregnant with the saviour of all mankind"

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The Fighting Cock
Put something about the #scottparkerfacts and that it started on The Fighting Cock forum
Let's update the rest of the squad

Manu Adebayor is in a Real Madrid shirt -

Gallas in red -

Dos Santos in Barca gear -

JD in a suit -

Dawson in a Forest top (WTF!!)

Niko in Pompey shirt -

Cudicini in Chelsea gear -

Falque, no picture -

Townsend in Watford shirt -

Pienaar in Everton shirt -

Gomes needs to be changed too but he's probably played his last game for us.

The Fighting Cock - Changing the shirts!
They changed back both, Gallas photo is of him playing for the fucking scum. Wikipedia ask for donations yet they spend all their time correcting small things like that. Hope no one donates now.
Photographer own the copyright, regardless of whether they are amateur or professional, so unless you can prove that you took it or that they have the photographers permission to use the image, it will be removed.

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