Saido Berahino

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Will he be wearing a Spurs shirt this season?

  • Yes

    Votes: 109 54.0%
  • No

    Votes: 93 46.0%

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Sorry mate I funamentally disagree. Especially with your opinion that they are bang out of line for not selling him to us.

He is their player. He signed a contract end of. If Levy had gone in there with 20m cash I'm sure it would have been a different story. He didn't.
He desperately wanted to leave as from last season. Remember last season cup game, 4 goals no celebrations, when Pulis first took charge.It was there for everyone to see - unhappy player. WBA should have done the right thing and let him go. Flashing cash should not be the answer.

Now they have a player who has clearly 'publicly' showed his hand. Normally all this is done behind closed doors and the player gets his way. WBA made promises that they didn't keep. Pulls, fans and media all believed he was leaving. WBA (peace) pulled the rug?

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In Summer 2011 he publicly stated he wanted to go to Chelsea and complained that he and Levy had a "Gentlemen's Agreement" that he'd consider offers from big clubs. He then refused to play in our opener vs Man Utd (saying something like "My head's not in the right place"). Chelsea offered £40m on the last day of the window and Levy rejected it. Modric stayed for the whole season.

Madrid only came along 12 months later, paying £30m for him at the end of August 2012.
Im sorry to be so pernickety on this But....

Modric never refused to play again for Levy so was he that disappointed? - We will never know the detail?

You say, a "Gentlemen's Agreement" that he'd consider offers from big clubs? Consider offers allows him to be approached (showing intensions to leave) and if he doesn't accept can stay and play keeping the supporters on side. I believe, if he really wanted to play for the Chaves we would have let him go, unless there is a reason why we don't do business with them?
Guy is 22, had two season in the top flight, half of which were as a winger and some of you expect him to have a scoring ratio of Messi. Embarrassing how little some of you understand about development and young players.
So if he refuses to play for the baggies, they could dismiss him for breach of contract? Then he is a free agent......

Unlikely I know as wba would probably let him rot and get some cash in January


The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars
How long has he got left on his contract?

I think Peace's ego got the better of him and he got carried away with himself. Levy did us no favours and left us vulnerable to another chairman playing "Billy Big Bollocks". He'll leave.
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