Ryan Mason

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Yeah was bad on Cahills half but could happen to anyone attacking the ball, been a while since I have seen that forgot how bad it was seeing Masons face when he is on the deck
I personally don't think he intended it (even if he DOES have 'killers dead eyes'!)
But it shouldn't stop us giving him Dogs abuse and singing Ryan's name throughout when we play the cunts at $tamford Bridg€!

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Sad to hear the news about Ryan Mason.

I am still incensed about how Gary Cahill has got away with a filthy, reckless, deliberate headbutt on a player he targetted because he was from Spurs. All the media are using the word "accident", which on the evidence it was not.

Cahill knew he could not win the ball so wanted to hurt Mason, and all the press say he is 'heart-broken'. He should be prosecuted for GBH.

Turn sound off on this video.
I've watched that several times -as many as I can - and it just gets worse to me. The only thing I could say in Cahill's defence is that in normal time its hard to judge the intention. In slo mo its horrific, the worst thing is, he comes flying in, and clearly changes the direction of his head at the last moment to duck into Ryan. Whether on purpose or no you can't say 100% unless you're a mind reader, but at the very least that is an extremely reckless and dangerous challenge.

When Ryan talks about Harry in that interview it reminded me how my brother asked me in his first season what spurs players to look out for. I told him Mason and Kane. I remember it because he said "it sounds like a cop show". (Twat). That's how they seemed to me at the time, our two brightest young stars. You couldn't imagine two more different paths for their careers since then. I feel pretty sure Ryan is going to be OK though. Another thing he talks about in the interview is how important his experiences playing under Pochettino were in helping him through the recovery, the mental strength. He talks some more about it here;

Ryan Mason hails "unbelievable" Mauricio Pochettino
Love the fact the club didn't hesitate, they got straight on the phone and offering him a place back here and the help to move forward with his career. And he's at the best place to progress in coaching/management, he's always been a bright lad so he can achieve more in football in years to come.

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