Racism in football - Ndombele and Sissoko

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Sissoko is one of my fave players. He was also one of the best players in the 18/19 season. I do not care what a person is. As long as they do nobody no harm.

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I think this is a classic example. We have signed Ndombele, who to me looks technically brilliant, has an eye for a pass (7 assists last year). Hes obviously a very intelligent player.

But the press will focus on his pace and power. Same with Pogba, the double p raises its ugly head.

The you have our player of the year Sissoko who has to take a back seat for Winks. Who has never been more than a bench player for Spurs when we have a full squad.

Why is the Sissoko Ndombele combination not fancied? Its because its perceived to have a lack of intelligence. You need to stick a white guy in there to get that.

It smacks of racism IMO. Maybe not the hardcore 1980s racism, but the tones are still present. Black people are strong and stupid.

What black player is praised for skill and awareness? I cant think of many? I mean real black, not lighter shades like Henry.
I love to jump in when I perceive racism, but this is codswallop.

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Totally deserved. Shit thread to start and single out particular players. If he'd have started a more general thread in the off topic or general football part, or used an existing thread there would have been a different reaction.

Why people of particular backgrounds do better at particular sports or in certain positions in particular sports is a worthwhile discussion to have but not starting off with a crass post like that.
I think rating the post disagree or posting disapproval of the post is enough, no need to try and get the guy banned.
He has a point.... my American friend said "now we have 2 big niggaz bossing the midfield" talking about Sissoko and Ndombele. I don't like that kinda language. Is he a racist? of course not, he's half-black himself. But it's funny most people see black players as physical first.
People are far to quick to pull the racist card in today's day and age same as with Judas when he was mentioning lack of black managers. The only real racists in football press and and higher positions are those who make everything about race
I don't think there is a place for racism in football, as it's all about competence and delivering results. Even the thickest racist will get behind a non-white player if he bolsters his clubs performance.

I think your thread has opened a bit of can of worms. In general I don't like the media or press, they like to st*r shit up. Love to pick a side & control the narrative. If they have a gripe with a player or manager they will go after them, while continually bigging up their favourites.
The OP was coming from a good place but my word that was a shocking way to put forward the case.

Racism in football is a symptom of racism in society. There are negative stereotypes out there, and it does feel more prominent considering the political climate Throughout the west.

On Sissoko - he is obviously an incredible athlete, that can’t be denied, but he’s also very intelligent tactically. His problem is sadly that sometimes his feet can’t match his brain.

I don’t think you can be have low footy IQ and survive under Pochettino. He soon finds you out.

Poch demands above all a good brain and a elite work ethic. That his 3 most expensive signings are currently black shows he doesn’t buy into these stereotypes, especially heartwarming considering he comes from small town Argentina (read their history with black people - it’s not nice at all).

We know what Poch thinks of Ronaldinho, Okocha and Dembele. N’Dombele he probably has in a similar bracket. Danny Rose has been referred to as the managers Son.

Ben Davies alongside Sissoko are classic examples of the Poch ethos and they come from different backgrounds.

Players like Townsend and Janssen he clearly doesn’t rate as they consistently displayed low IQ.

I don’t really care for what the media think, all that matters to me is what the leading heads within the Spurs hierarchy think, and one of the biggest draws of supporting this club for me is how inclusive it has always felt. My elders used to talk about a pride that they felt watching the likes of Crooks, Hughton and Wilson in the 80’s, when WHL loudly backed Danny Thomas after he missed in the ‘84 penalty shootout. Hughton being a constant presence, Judas and Ledley as captains, Sir Les, Chris Ramsey... The club has always tried to do its part. We as a society can do better though, always.

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