QPR game

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Apparently King and Gallas (and Pienaar-dont really matter tho) are fit for this game.

Although they both are fit I would like to rest Ledders and play Kaboul and Gallas.That should be more than decent.

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The Fighting Cock
Home game against newly promoted opposition. Lay down a grand on this one, it's a guaranteed 5-0 win.

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The Fighting Cock
Thelonious World Peace
I think we should play them while they're fit instead of waiting until Fulham, not for the first time I'm alone in my opinion. :)
I'm just waiting for the chants of "Thats why we sold you!!" to adel after everytime he goes on a run he skies the ball into the upper park lane. Either that or he bags a brace and rubs it in our faces
Heart says: win. Head says: don't be a fuckin idiot how many times did you do this last year, twat! COYS!
What's the story with all the Sunday games? Lucky enough its a bank holiday weekend here so I can get pissed all day and not worry about work on Monday.
Don't think they've got it in them to score two. My major concern is if they knick one goal they'll just park the bus and we struggle to break them down. Same old spurs problem.

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