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Really well said by Tim. But not really sure what Dean Saunders was on about? Kept contradicting himself.
Saunders just repeats the same blinkered soundbites week after week after week.....

Dreadful analyst. Often ill-informed.
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I think he represents a clear division between different types of Spurs fans.

One side want the very best, and anything less is unacceptable.

The other side cares about character and effort.

I always loved Dawson. He wasn’t the best centre back in the world, but he was a great person to have in our team. I guess it’s the same factor that leaves me confused when I look back at the ‘90s. We were pretty shit, but for much of that decade we had players that gave everything, and the best crowd atmosphere in the land. Any player that gives all they can, regardless of ability, has always been appreciated by the fans.

Just to be clear, I’m well aware that Dawson didn’t play for us in the ‘90s!
To be honest - at the time he played for us, Dawson was great. I agree, he wasn't the best, but we weren't a club at the level we are at now. We wouldn't have attracted players at the level of a Ferdinand.

He was solid and dependable, at the beginning, I was always worried, when he wasn't playing alongside King, as he made whoever was next to him a better player. But by the end, I was always happy to Dawson on the pitch. At least you knew what you'd be getting. Unlike someone like Kaboul or Fazio, who could be great one minute and have an absolute shocker the next. Perhaps it's selective memory, but I can't remember Dawson making a massive cock-up.

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I must say sherwood actually speaks alot of sense here
All fairly reasonable. But he's still spouting the shite that in 2013 we sold Bale and replaced him with 7 players, which clogged up the squad and blocked youth players. No, we sold 7 first team players (Bale, Gallas, Huddlestone, Dempsey, Caulker, Parker and Defoe plus Bentley and loads of youth loans as usual) and brought in 7 others. Too much turnover of course.
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