Pat Jennings

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Didn't want to just post this video on the spurs YouTube thread but want to know your reaction to Pat playing for both rival clubs. Yes it was a long time ago and most of us, if not all of us wasn't even alive when it happened.

I just find it strange that even though the spurs directors where being cunts to him, that he would not only take it out on them but also on the fans and join the scum.


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The man is a living legend, it wasn't his fault the board were pricks, they only had themselves to blame.
From what I understood the board were at fault for him leaving. It's never sat right with me that he went there but it's not similar to the Judas situation or anything like that. It's like Adebayor and Gallas being here now, for me that's not a perfect situation, but I'm happy to support them still. In an ideal world a Spurs player would never contemplate playing for the filth but we all know they will do what they consider to be the best move for their career.
pat jennings didnt want to leave, but the club thought [wrongly by a long way] that he was getting old and we had barry daines coming through to replace him. daines wasnt much good [blackpool at home 2-2 and bristol rover away ffs] also, pat was really the first keeper to prove that you could play well into your 30's, friedal types wouldnt exist without pat. was a pity he went to them cunts but its a testiment to the man that he remains a legend at both clubs.
he also played his last competive game for us, and i was there.
I've met Pat a couple of times. He is real quiet gentleman, who has never lost his roots in his home town nor at Spurs. Has had that same haircut for 40 years. When I was young, he was always my Spurs hero, until Glenn came along.

I also met Terry Neill who told me about the transfer of Pat to Woolwich.

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I remember I walked in front of his car when I was drunk after a game a few seasons ago, he stopped and waved me across the road. Nice man.
I met him after he'd spoke at the 125 anniversary thing at the O2. I went to the toilet then as I left he'd come off stage and I got his autograph. Great guy with massive hands


No such thing as TMI
Total legend and total gentleman. I met him a couple of years ago after a game against Reading (I think). YPL was (quite rightly) MotM. Met him that day too.
He is without a doubt a legend and our greatest goalkeeper but let's not forget he played at Woolwich for 8 years! Getting them to 3 FA cup finals, winning 1 of them. To me it just leaves a bad taste.
Schoolboy'sOwnStuff said:
Smolik said:
I remember I walked in front of his car when I was drunk after a game a few seasons ago, he stopped and waved me across the road. Nice man.
I love that definition of a nice man. Someone who didn't run you over.
Ha ha, I'm easily pleased.

I also met him when I was about 12 at a Junior Spurs thing, he seemed like a really nice bloke, he didn't run me over then either.
Met him when I was a little kid. He picked me up in his giant hands, and I've lived there ever since. Normally between the knuckles of the ring and pinky, occasionally roaming the plains of his palm to find food and water.
I have a lovely water colour picture signed of Jennings in three separate, all action poses. My Nan got it in 1985 and it is still sat on a shelf at home in the exact same frame almost 30 years later.

I love both him and my Nan but in different ways and neither is particularly sexual.

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