Our strikers!

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Bit fed up so looking through some Tottenham sites about players and it listed our strikers from the past the years is when either one came or one left so possibly not acurate.....so no nit picking:p
So out of the following you had your choice of three.....who would they be?
Greaves Gilzean 61-69
Chivers Peters 68-76
Duncan Armstrong 74-80
The above I've never seen play but heard of and obviously the top two!
Falco Crooks Archibald 79-85
Allen Claesen. 84-88
Stewart. Walsh. 88-92
Lineker. Durie. 89-93
KlinsmannArmstrong. 92/98
Ferdinand. 97-03
Keane. Rebrov. O2-08
Defoe. Keane. 04-11
Mido. Berbatov 05-08
Bent. Pavlyuchenko 07-12
Crouch. Adebayor. Defoe. 09-15
Soldado. 13-15
Kane 11- present
I've no listed Janssen but feel free! Son is also listed but not sure if he'd be remembered as a striker?
Again apologies if I've missed any out and the years are a bit ropey but im a bit shakey the day.....:cool:

Anybody watch the rugby yesterday;)

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From the years I’ve been watching Spurs:

Sheringham, Lineker and Kane.

From old videos:

Greaves, Archibald and Allen.

Overall, I’d go for Greaves, Sheringham and Kane: three different strikers with unique qualities.
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