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Only teething problem was the guards checking tickets for the area we were sitting in before the security gates, was just an unnecessary queue. Rest was awesome
I'm not sure why they need high tech ticket barriers inside, but low tech blokes-with-handheld-scanners outside as well. One problem yesterday was the sun, which has only been around 4.063 billion years (yes I googled it), shining on the scanners and/or phones. Mine didn't work with the first one (I said it was the sun) or the second one I was then sent to (I said it was the sun). The guy next to me gave up with his phone and got his ticket out, which worked. Then the sun went in and mine worked. Seems like a massive potential bottleneck.

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Yeah there were loads available on the exchange.

Sold out due to ST holders paying upfront.

But we record bums on seats so the attendance clearly shows when people don’t turn up.
As much as I hated StubHub, I did like that fact that you could post your ticket for less than face value. I always did that (sometimes for as low as £20 for my East Upper seat) and always sold them. I'd much rather get a few quid for my seat and would also rather someone was using it rather than it remaining empty, which was probably the case yesterday. The club should consider this for the resale site next season: maximum price face value, minimum price £0.
Don't know if it has been mentioned in these recent pages, but the pitch seems to be a bit slippery. Has anyone else noticed the amount of grass being torn up when players are planting?

Edit: I'm an idiot who can't scroll up to see this exact conversation unfolding
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