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Entitled Cunt
Don't remember who was looking for this...

That is one of the nicest kits in the modern era, I am half-tempted to buy one.
Nah. If you are getting a Scottish teams shirt you have to get a Dunfermline one. Re our new kit, Shops in all the North -West have not got the home one in. We rang loads of them. I will either have to wait until they do get them in. They always do eventually. Or buy official from the Club mail order.

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How the fuck is the new shirt £65? What a pile of shit. How can they justify that?
If your of a mind to get a name and number for your shirt as a treat £80..... :thumbup: but as I’ve said before, that is ridiculous but in the grand scheme of things what’s £80 a night out, a night at the cinema (family) £15 for the picture £65 for the pick’n’mix! 6 packets of cigarettes?All of the later is gone in a matter of hours, couple of days the shirt lasts the whole season longer if you look after it I’m not saying what people should spend their money on just a comparison, depends how you look at it.

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Norwich city!
My thoughts....this is where we're heading with third kits. That kit is atrocious...unless it's used in a McDonald's advert, then it's a marketing coup. 3rd kits rarely ever have any meaning, symbolism, or connection to the club in reality. They are already, in essence, a pure cash grab so why not go all the way and use them as a platform to maximize sponsorship revenue?
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