Mike Dean

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John Thomas

Anchor Tenants
Another sublime performance this afternnon. The way he single handedly prevented the Bournmouth equaliser was a pivotal moment in the game. Great assist for the breakaway third goal too. Just love the way he winds up all the fans of our rivals.
Surely can't do any more to warrent his own thread now, can he?

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I think Pochettino needs to step up Dean’s training regime. Looked a bit out of shape.

In truth he was a bit sloppy today, but Dean’s always got something in his locker.
To think after last couple of months I was thinking we should ship him out in the summer, then he comes up with a magnificent second half, well played Mike


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Claiming all credit for Son since 2012
The thing about him is that he needs to keep his head out of the media. We can't have a player of this caliber to be affected by what people are saying about him. Some days he gets into his own head, and sometimes the questions about his allegiance makes him play too safe.
I hope we sign another back up referee next season, it's all about squad depth
We say the same thing about Kane every season, and look what happens. You can’t just find someone of Dean’s caliber willing to be the fourth ref and not give us dodgy pens and call off opposition goals, no matter what some people claim.

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True, any ref who comes to us won't want to have to compete for places with Dean, not unless we change formation and go two on pitch refs, 1 linesman and 1 4th official
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