Michel Vorm

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All the best to him, and as others have said a great pro.

With that in mind, and Poch saying a few times that Vorm was very good in being a part of the squad and keeping Hugo on his toes, I was kinda hoping, he would sign on. Not as a player, as this farewell was always on the cards now, but in a coaching capacity of some sort.

If he wants to continue his career and it makes him happy, all the best to the guy. He deserves it. Although I didn't just hope it, I also felt it might happen. Where's he going to go from here? To be a starting goalie he'll likely have to drop quite a few levels. And if not a starter, it must feel deflating to be keeping someone on their toes after doing it with the World Cup winning captain and being part of our journey.
Great pro and his celebrations in the CL semi were amazing.
Deserves to finish his career playing first team football. Will be interesting to see where he goes.
Wouldn’t be surprised to see him at Bournemouth or Palace if he stays in the PL.

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