Man Utd (A)

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As I pointed out, he is on ignore for so many posters and has reached a point of trying to goad people into reaction, to give him the attention he seeks. He is a sad antisocial waste of space who starts fights on every forum he goes on
That said, I dont know if he behaves like this on the Lego forum he also posts on, or ars*** or man city forums he participates in. They are not my tasse tee.
The irony for me was that I left the last forum I participated on to get away from his ubiquity and he was subsequently permanently banned and then he ended up on here.
Good to know that he still posts abuse at me though, it's a nice thing to know that I am capable of irritating him and the others I have on ignore. He gives it away by disagreeing with pretty much every post I make, which is music to my ears.
God bless the ignore function
You have no one on ignore, stop lying for once - apart from the Bermuda tax officials

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