Luke Amos

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Fans loved him at Stevenage last season - and on the basis of the Roma match you can see why.

He's starting to look like the player he was as a schoolboy and start of Academy Year 1 when he was so impressive - got sidelined .a bit in the last year of Academy and u21's often playing left back to fill a gap in the team, and was a decent left back choice although not necessarily the best being played out of his position. Started at Spurs as a CAM but developed more as a DM/CM more in the Carrick type mode than anyone else I'd guess..

Last night seemed to be strong, confident at taking the ball in tight spaces, sharp feet, good burst of pace over short distances, carrying the ball well, had good awareness of what was going on around him - and who was available to pass to, decent pass selection and execution and decent tackling.

Still things to work on but lots of basic stuff done well - question is whether Poch will keep him round the squad (especially if Dembele stays but like last season isn't fit enough to play more than say 25% of matches and there is uncertainty around Winks fitness), even if we get Grealish who could play that kind of role or whether Poch loans him out again possibly to a Championship side or even lower PL side.

Might also depend upon whether Oakley-Boothe (crocked for Roma game) shows any form in remaining ICC matches, but Amos has set his stall out well.

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Was quite impressed by him yesterday.

Body shape is very, very predictable, ONLY moves to the left. If you are defending against him, show him onto his other side. Don't get me wrong he has a good game but a well prepared oppo will be allover that.
That's what they said about Harry Kane...
Actually it’s always worth that reminder. Youth players do come good. But the example of Kane can’t be a hiding place and it’s fast becoming one.

At 18 Kane had started European games for us and throughout the loan spells it was always judged he would be a success, although not to that level of course.

Remember Kane made his debut alongside Tom Carroll and Ryan Friedricks. So there has to always be balance. What really became of them? Decent enough but no one in their right minds would want us to sign Carroll back from Swansea

Amos is no doubt talented. But the club PR around the guy is ridiculous, using him as an example as to how we will prosper without investment.
Only two things that stand out to me is that his first touch is terrible, often meaning the ball bounces 5-10 yards in front of him. In midfield that isn't good enough and will cost us points. 2nd thing is that he's very good at pressing and winning the ball back.

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