Legends game meet

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Downloaded the Beta test app for today's game. Seems pretty good, certainly scope to grow. Maybe an option to order your pie and pint and have it delivered to your seat.. Hmm, maybe for the moneybags lot in 1882 etc..

Looking forward to today, having been involved in installing some of the IT infrastructure from the early stages at the training ground, Lily White house and the Stadium, will be good to see it through to the end product.

EDIT: if your wifi doesn't work, don't come looking for me though ...

yeah i have the app test too. it doesn't show my ticket but I've got a feeling I know why.
looking forward to using the directions part. ( i know where I'm going but interesting to see that part work)

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Yup, was in the event info email they sent today.

For the first hour after opening at all 'Tap Inn' bars, enjoy a Pie and a Pint for just £5 (valid for Amstel and any pie or pastry) or a Pie and a Soft Drink for just £4 (valid for any soft drink and any pie or pastry). All Feature Bars, including The Shelf (East Level 1), The White Hart (East Level 5) and The Dispensary (West Level 5), are open for fans to enjoy live music from stadium opening.
Weirdly I didn’t get that email. I didn’t even get one telling me I’d got a ticket, it was in my account when I logged in though. The only ones getting through are the ones trying to flog me stuff in the shop!

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