Kyle Walker

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It's about time that we started hyping the fuck out of Walker, in my opinion. One of the best right backs in the league, for sure - only between him & Micah Richards for that & for the England place.

Still young & still improving (which, in itself, is pretty amazing) but could this young man be the cornerstone of our squad in the years to come?

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Not too much hype, don't want to alert the big boys too much ;o)

Did you see the stats on Twitter? 8/8 key tackles, 6/6 ground battles won, 1/1 aerial battles won. Perfect game!
Triple_sea said:
Blistering pace gets him out of a lot of poor defensive positioning errors. Thankfully that'll improve with age and experience.
Think that actually he's much more exposed down the right than we give him credit for. My own interpretation is that Lennon does track back but can come too far into the middle giving Kyle a 1/2 against 1 situation. Most of the goals we've conceded down the right have been despite his defensive solidity rather than because of it.

Dare I say it...

Do we have two of the five best full backs in the league?

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Agree on the RM cover point. My issue with him is more when play is coming through the middle, he often gets caught flat footed with a balled slipped between him a CB. Not gonna knock him tho as he's been a revelation and will learn.

Can't e far wrong with the best full backs suggestion
Re: Mourinho on the lookout?

Rosie47 said:
Today's MARCA has Mourinho on the hunt for a right-back. Glen Johnson is taking centre-stage on this media malarkey but Kyle Walker featured with him on the front page as a potential signing for Mou also.
Yeah I've definitely thought that Walker could certainly end up in Spain some day...I think it's too soon now, but in a couple years it wouldn't shock me.
He is the bollocks already. That little spell at Villa has turned him into a beast, pace to burn, climbs in the air like a rocket and isnt afraid to have a shot (ahem Scecsnzy, lol)

Trying not to think about it but he's probably already on Ol' Rednose's shopping list as the two Brazilians arent good enough, and Smalling / Jones are really centrehalves.
Today's match made me miss the hell out of this guy. I believe that he is somehow still underrated. He's the best defensive RB in the PL. How many times did he run down one of our players from behind and just muscle him off the ball? And he was always unfairly maligned for his offensive contributions which are actually above average.
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