Kieran Trippier

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Big Clubs around Europe were linked with him. Now he has gone to a big one. Must be something good about him. Was not popular with our fans. Shame because he put everything into his game. Hope he does well.

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Hope he does really well over there. Slightly slower pace of game there, be interesting to see how he performs and if hes going to play as a proper attacking wingback which is when he had his best games for us. All the best Tripps.
Think he will fit into their style well. They love a cross and a dead ball so right up his street plus there are less rapid wingers to skin him. The slower game will work to his advantage. Language might be a barrier but no one understood him at spurs anyway to be fair.
I hope he gets on well there. He always put in a shift for us, but ultimately I think his skill level just wasn't quite high enough for us going forward.
I think it's a good move for him and a good outcome for the club based in his age and what he cost us.

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But KWP has only ever played against bottom 6 or 7 teams. He's picked easy assists at home to average teams. He was awful away to Southampton, imagine what he'd be like away to City or Liverpool. It's too horrific to think about.
All players have to start somewhere
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Now he’s just a player who doesn’t play for us.
Thanks and good luck.

I’m sure there are some desperate types who will continue to slag him off for the rest of the summer, and instead of backing the two remaining Spurs RBs, start desperately wanking over the not famous Sessengon (who’s 12) and Dani Alves (who’s 57)

But for me I’m out.....move this thread to general football and concentrate on Spurs.
Not against selling him if we get an upgrade. I fucking hope we don't start the season with aurier, kwp and foyth as the only options

A few years ago, we had Walker with Trippier as backup. Now we've got Aurier, KWP, and Foyth? This has gone from one of the strongest positions at the club to the weakest. We need to buy somebody.


The Spurs way? Making easy things harder...
Wish him well. Not his biggest fan, far from it, but he was commited here and gave his 100% all the time, even if he got unlucky sometime.
Although he left me feeling frustrated plenty of times last season I also feel a bit disappointed at home going. Glad he has got a decent move to a very good club and will be interesting to see how it pans out for him. He became a bit of a scapegoat for some poor defensive displays overall. Wish him all the best for the future.

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