Justin Edinburgh

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Enough of Sol Campbell.

Edinburgh would have fucking hated him. Which in Edinburgh lingo is would have fucking loved playing against him subsequently.

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Glad they won today... for Justin, his Family, and all 'O's fans.
I think historically, many Spurs fans already have a soft spot for Leyton Orient... today just confirmed that!

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Been back for a while from the game.

The minutes silence and the parade with flags was very touching, hairy arsed geezer here had to fight the tears.

Fantastic that the O,s got the result for Justin.

Have to say a massive respect to Cheltenham for the flag they contributed and the money they raised for the foundation, thank you Cheltenham supporters.
So no chance of just turning up and paying on the door?
Well Mrs P, they encourage people that aren’t going ie Season Tickets holders to return their tickets to the club if they aren’t, theres always seats dotted around even for a sell out over there. It would probably be worth giving them a ring today and see how the land lies.
Yep, I went too.

But with a mate who is a Walsall fan so was in the away end. I had to keep quiet having had previous links with orient myself.

Almost got hit on the head by a flare when Walsall scored. Pillock got arrested. It was more trouble than Olympiacos away. Who knew league 2 could be so dangerous.
was an exciting match , fair play to the O,s they kept going for it , decent atmosphere and as Lmn said proper old school day out , even the pissing down rain did,nt spoil it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, football for a fiver bring it on

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