Juan Foyth

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How's he getting on? Anyone watching?
Both Germany goals had nowt to do with him.

He's looked fine. Argentina look most dangerous down the right.

Germany look much better, mind, and are primarily attacking down Argies left.

Dunno why people are upset he's playing, he needs minutes. Would rather he get the cobwebs out here than in the Prem.
Solid outing. With the Argies as a whole, grew into the 2nd half.

Both German goals came down the other flank in the first half.

Kept the German attack silent in the 2nd half.

Not bad, considering it's his first game of the season and he had the delight of Rojo and Otamendi inside him. Whose talent is, let's say, waning.

Plenty for Poch to work with.
By start do you mean sit on the bench some more? I'd love for the kid to start, call me pessimistic but I can't see Poch coming back from the break with a mindset of trying new things.
Who knows. Would love to be wrong.

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