Jewish chronicle article on Spurs and the Y-Word

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Devil's advocate

"πŸ‘....πŸ‘....πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.... YIDS"

That is a very dark chant. If you were around when the nazi types were about, I can understand why that could be a very distressing thing to hear.

"How many 90 year olds attend football?" would probably be the retort.

There are going to be a few extremely controversial sentences typed below that have been wrapped using spoiler tags so as to protect from offence.

"You fucking manc cunt"
"You fucking pakie cunt"
"You fucking southern cunt"
"You fucking niggar cunt"

All four of those sentences refer to people from a specific geographical point yet two are classed as being racist, two are not.

Tbose that have a racial tag are connected to recent historical persecution.

Is it then fair to say that historically speaking, although without reference to geography, the female population was equally harshly persecuted. Well, in their case, persecution meant being burnt alive.

"You fucking witch cunt"

Is that sentence then, a racist sentence? It contains what appear to be the criteria which is used to classify racism, albeit lacking in geography. A group of people who face / faced persecution.

In writing the heading 'devil's advocate', is this entire text in some way conforming to the status quo?

Females were never exposed to the term in a derogatory manor. The term meant death.

What does strike the interest bone is, as with Tottenham fan's use of the term being discussed is seen as being a defense mechanism, those targeted from African origin have also taken the same cause of action.

People from the North or South of England seem to class these sentences as 'banter', however, neither sentences refer to those people as being persecuted. That is unless you rewind history. The Banastre Rebellion, for example, was born out of persecution for disaffected knights against the rise of the Earl of Lancaster. But where is the derogatory use of these terms?

In stark contrast, Asian referred derogatory terms have not been taken on and 'owned' to the same extent.

Maybe there is evidence to be found of persecution across all races from geographical points throughout history?

In our era of time, we seem to remember past history in view of persecution or the persecuted in what seems to be a very illogical fashion. So what about the very strong links to derogatory terminology?

Is it viewed as being derogatory saying someone is a 'fat cunt', 'tall cunt', 'ugly cunt'? Is it also a form of persecution using the terms above to address?

Are the terms mentioned in this text nothing more than words of identity?

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