Jack Clarke

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I've heard this is done and dusted but they want to take him to a London barber to get his dodgy northern barnet sorted out first.

The sort of haircut that goes well with a McKenzie sweatshirt and a lie detector test. (Pre Jeremy Kyle show getting dropped reference).
we're set to finalise the signing of winger Jack Clarke this week,

Two more cliches ticked off!
We just need to slow down a bit with this one and be careful about the medical and what it shows. He was 'taken ill' while on the bench for a Leeds game in Feb this year. The game was suspended for 10 minutes and he was stretchered off and rushed to hospital. I am told he had a serious seizure (reporting in the press has been a little sketchy on what it was) which was causing real concern for the doctors (my son has epilepsy and I am only too aware of the potential consequences of a long seizure). He had a month off and returned to the team in March and has been ok since.
I'm sure it will be fine but the Premier League will test him more, and I'm sure it's something that our medical team will concentrate on.
However, as I live near Leeds and know lots of Leeds fans, the overall feeling is that he was their hope for the future and they don't want to lose him, so I hope it works out.

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