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The Fighting Cock
Via GG.

Mike_T wrote:

Hello all!

I had a chat with someone this evening, they told me that:
An offer of £7.5m has been tabled to Tottenham Hotspur, from the Mayors office to help with regenerating the area and jobs if they stay in the area.
A new station will be built in close proximity to help with congestion.
Daniel Levy is being very stubborn apparently!

Oh and the person who told me this was Boris.
Not the best pic!

[ Image ]

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The Fighting Cock
That's always been the suggestion. My uncle works in civil engineering. His company is working on Fulham. I'm hoping they get the contract for Spurs. He knows quite a bit about the political standpoint re: monies and complications with London Underground so will ask him his opinion on this.

Interestingly, Spurs annual report out in the next few weeks so we might have an NDP update then.
Given the fact they renamed Highbury tube "Woolwich" because of the football club, does that mean the new station in N17 will be called "Spurs".

I don't like the fact that those Scummy bastards have a station named after them and we don't. If that isn't part of the offer, Boris can do one

I've even taken it upon myself to redesign the tube map for TfL, I did it for free, I expect nothing from them bar the naming of our tube stop:


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The Fighting Cock
Woolwich did not get any public money as far as I know. I didn't want to break their hearts on the pod.


The Fighting Cock
LOL at the Transfer Tavern earning the traffic hits on this story by basically copying and pasting Mike T's post from GG.


My mum bet Boris Johnson at a charity do last night and he said Spurs are definitely staying in Tottenham and the new stadium will be brilliant
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