It’s happened again – Is it time we dropped the Y-word?

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An interesting and constructive article.

I personally don’t and never have in 30+ years of attending Spurs games ever said the word. Nor have I ever wanted to lay a claim on the word. I consider my nationality and religion to be my own council and it’s not Jewish in either count.

I do totally understand how some supporters have appropriated the word for defence and positive reasons and I have no criticism of them. I am also aware of lots of our fans who honestly have no understanding of the word and the wider meaning and messages.

I think overall, we have no rights to expell the use of any language that is not prefixed by hate and negativity therefore in context the use of the word should be accepted and should be acceptable ( in my very humble view )

I have posted a few times in the past to question why we consider our club heritage to be so “Jewish” and I do wonder sometimes if that appropriation enables use of words but perhaps does not stand up to real scruntiny. For example the school boys who founded the football club via the Cricket club do not seem to have had Jewish connections, that I am aware of anyway, I think there was connection to Presbyterian church schools, Others might know more and happy to be corrected on that point.
Not again.
And, NO.
Badiel and co can fuck right off.
It's a good article but the writer is undermining his argument by using Y-word throughout his article, instead of Yid. He only said Yid in the heading of his article, this thread is the same too, Y word in the title and Yid in the opening post. It's almost as if the two posters are conflicted, if you think the word is ok to use, then use it, don't censor it because then you invalidate your argument.

Like this interviewer.

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