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I know this is a MASSIVE ask, but if Toby & verts stay fit in defence, and 3 out of the four in attack (Kane, dele, Christian, son) stay fit then we we have to be looking to near maximum points over the next two months.

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Chess extraordinaire

So it looks like for the 2nd year running, calendar year wise, we'll be the 3rd best team in the country. Last year we played 40 games in the calendar year and ended up with 87 points which is about 2.175 points per game. with only 4 games remaining this year we will end up playing 2 games less and if we WIN all of our remaining calendar year games, we would end up on more points (in 2 less games), though the better indication of improvement is points per game.

We are currently on 2.235 points per game as the tweet above shows. The improvement is huge in the scheme of things and another year of improvement going into next year should really see us in contention for the title without having to chase too far behind.

2018: 2.235 points per game (so far)
2017: 2.175 points per game
2016: 1.918 points per game
2015: 1.789 points per game
2014: 1.736 points per game

Highlights the improvements made since Poch took over.

Let's be honest, only a nonce would disagree.
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Chess extraordinaire
This really has been an incredible season for us so far.

After 17 games last season, we had 31 points.
After 17 games this season, we have 39 points.

We are also now 11 points better-off this season compared to the identical games played last season after beating Burnley.
Premier League - Table

Interesting to see that we top the away league by a clear margin this season, even if you take the extra games we've played out of the mix with presently having 4 points more than any team in e League, yet at home we sit sixth, joint on points with teams like Brighton, Bournemouth & Everton for our troubles.

People like Warnock really do need a wake up call when they say we should he made to play at Wembley all season. This should also be noted by any fans saying let's just stay at Wembley all season now, we simply need to move in at the earliest opportunity

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Chess extraordinaire
Now just 5 points better off results wise in the same fixtures as last sesson, down from 11 points after disappointing results at home to Wolves and Man Utd.

We are however 7 points better off in the league at the same stage we were at last season.

So still improvements all round.
You could gage im

Here is a picture of the bold Jim with Mark Walters whilst at Rangers at a loyalist march in Paisley! As you can see he’s got a nice blazer with the red hand of Ulster,top bantz......:thumbup:
I think those blazers are probably donated from the flute band members standing behind them, they wear those weird fucking berets with pom poms as well...
11 consecutive wins away (out of 13), 6 matches left and if we win those we break the premier league record of 16.
We also gather 33 points away which is 17 points of the record.


Chess extraordinaire

We were still bottom after 21 games???? :pochshock:

Finished 8th on 51 points... That's 31 points in the last 17 games... Transposed across 38 games = 69 points & 5th.
Probably why we finished 4th the following year. A great achievement amongst Liverpools decline.


Chess extraordinaire
Tottenham Hotspur have set a new club Premier League record of 57 Points won after the first 25 games of a season.

The previous record was 53 points in 2011-12.
Worth noting:

- 7 points better off than 16/17 (greatest PL season)
- 9 points better off than 17/18 (last season)

If we beat Leicester, back to 11 points better off than last season (would be another improvement after slipping back vs. Wolves and United).

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