Hugo Lloris

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:love: back at you.

Btw, does Flav Flav know you are flirting with others?

I am led to believe that he has a knife
and is willing to cut people with it.
It's a SPOON actually, I'm willing to SPOON the lot of ya! Come on then, who's first? D'ya feel lucky punk?

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Enjoy the Moment
Lloris is huge One of the top three keepers in the EPL: we are fortunate to have him!!!:cool:
Plus, he's the 4th best keeper on Fifa, so that helps. (Best in the PL)
on my season, he became the best keeper in the game with a rating of 95. then the fucking board took the decision to sell him for £25m after i rejected a £50m.

now i'm having to do with manuel neuer, it's just not the same :klinsmann:

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Not convinced, convince me.
Only if you say please. And eat all the greens on your plate too.

I'm not saying it's concrete, but just thinking back through the goals we've conceded recently, I don't really remember any that would only have been stopped by a world class save. I just don't remember any shots arrowing towards the top corner. Most of the goals we've conceded have been from about 6 yards out.
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