Hugo Lloris

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L'Equipe loving Lloris's performance (famed for their low scores but jeesus Dele on a 4 is an utter joke, his pressing was suberb last night!!)

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All the 'ship him out' merchants are very quiet!

He's saved us over and over again.

Long may he stand between our posts!
Also, I'll say this again compare his performances to his direct rivals. So look at his performance against Eddison's on Wed and ask who had the better game? Same again in our game against Liverpool, who had the better game, Alisson or Llrois.

Look at how de Gea has just been playing, he's conceded some absolute howlers recently (and his kicking is one of the worst in the PL).

All 'keepers will make errors, some of them get punished whilst others don't. I've always thought that Lloris's kicking is his weakest aspect but statistically his still one of the best 3 or 4 kickers in the game (it's almost certainly because it's in our style of play but it does mean his on the ball a lot as we build from the back).

No one is immune to criticism but trust me on this despite a challenging season for him (by his and World Class standards) he is STILL in the top 5 'keepers in the World. There has been a narrative fueled by his drink driving case at the beginning of the season, one that that media have been frustrated they could go two-footed on him because we (The Club) did a great job in dealing with it. To quote Allyson Rudd of The Times "I think the media have been way too soft on Llrois, I think they let him off the hook about his drink driving". So, despite him being on the front and back pages when the news initially broke, she admits to being very upset that the media didn't execute him, she actually says this is what she wants. The one person who has driven the media narrative about him being shit is? You guessed it, Rudd!! She's written over 10 articles on him this year, not a single one complimentary. Her appearances on Sky's Sunday bullshit she has gone for him, it appears fans follow this shit rather than challenge it.


French girl London/Paris - LLoris n°1 fan
Neuer, De Gea and Courtois have all regressed.... He's definitely top 3 now... maybe the best GK in the world soon


French girl London/Paris - LLoris n°1 fan
I like Lloris, but Jan Oblak is 26 and twice the keeper Lloris has been this season to be fair. Barcelona's Ter Stegen is very good as well.
That's why I'm realistic. Top 3 for now but if he wins the CL after a becoming a WC winner he should be n°1

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TWO match winning saves tonight, that one that he made 2mins into Stoppage time.

A CAPTAINS performance! No a bad year, World Cup winner and now Champions League Final.

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