Honoury yids: non spurs fans wishing us luck

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A place for other football fans to pop in say I hope you beat those scousers.

Bluedog inaugural member.

Happy to be first mate. And would refer you to my post of 9th April -

New stadium looks phenomenal. I don't go to so many games these days but will definitely be visiting the next time we play you.

Good luck in the CL - now that would be a trophy!"

Btw, back from holiday today and have been catching up on the last few days cunt offs. Truly epic stuff. Take a bow Spursdem Spursdem , JohnH JohnH , ArcspacE ArcspacE , Joe Clash Joe Clash , todd1882 todd1882 , Mick Cooper Mick Cooper , SausageVince SausageVince , Bazali Bazali - and apologies to anyone I missed. Heroes all. So fucking funny.

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Rio Ferdinand's reaction in Amsterdam at the winner and the fact Liverpool are the opposition tends to suggest he will be a Spurs fan on the night.

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