Home to Middlesbrough. 4th Feb, 1730KO

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3pts. Better performance on the whole than Sunderland but need to sort out our ruthless side. Counter attacks were woeful and decision making around the box wasn't good enough. Must sharpen up.
Very good performance in every area bar taking chances and playing that final ball. We had them pinned in their own half for 85 minutes.

Vital 3 points.
A right 1-0 drubbing, we were fucking light years ahead as the better team.
Who cares now though, we played well, it wasn't boring and we got the 3 points :pochsmirk:

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We turned it off after the pen and then couldn't convert our counter attacks. Other than that it was pretty solid. I thought we should have pushed for the second to close it out.
No way that we deserve to be sitting second in the table right now.

But we are, so fuck me everyone else is just fucking shit aren't they?
Wow there's some absolute nonsense spouted on this forum sometimes. Been the second best team in the league by quite some margin. I'm more surprised we're only three points clear of Woolwich.


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We have 50 points from 24 games with a goal difference of +30
Leicester were top with 50 points from 24 games with a goal difference of +18 last season.

We have improved. However, so has the whole league.

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