Harry Kane signed watercolour painting

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With that surname you should be Ipswich Town. Related to the brewing family?
No, we do live in Suffolk but don't have any connections...as far as we are aware!

Ipswich aye???

.. But sadly Tolly Cobbold is no more. The brewers built a lot of the pubs in town.

In the 1930s the Tollemache brewery underwent a large expansion, building a number of vast mock-baronial estate pubs, mostly in Ipswich.


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What sort of price range do these usually go for? I will have a look later but won't waste my time if they are well out of my league.
These auctions are really tough to predict. My paintings of Nuno & Pep both went for over £1000 in the last one, whereas Richarlison went for £680. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on as you never know who is going to bid. Hope that helps.

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