Giovani Lo Celso

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I actually bought my first copy of Razzle by going to the shop and buying it myself.

I used to do the newspaper round in my neighbourhood and got pretty friendly with the owner of the newsagent. After my shift one day, I plucked up mycourage, picked up the mags and put them on the counter. He chuckled and sold them to me.

I was just 11 years old at the time.
So basically what you're saying is your old boss was a pervert that broke the law so he could imagine 11 year old you jacking off to a razzle mag?

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LLB Part Deux

Armchair fan. I fucking love armchairs.
Silly me. I came here to see if we'd signed Giovani Lo Celso. Duh
You're clearly missing the ITK code mate.

Fiesta = Spanish party (Betis)
Playboy = Lo Celso
Mayfair = Spotted looking for an expensive London property
Razzle = this one is actually a wank mag

You're welcome.

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Lo Celso seems to fit our style better than Eriksen. In fact I've never seen Eriksen as a player that fit our style, he has no pace and doesn't dribble, what makes him very predictable for and AM. Maybe he could be far better if we had more creative players that could share the duties with him or playing as CM with more space to create. Despite that he has impressive numbers, that shows he really is a very talented player.
Work rate. From day 1 under Poch he was all over the pitch, and being able to have a creative maestro who can also supply that part of the game made the puzzle pieces fit.
I agree. What I was trying to say as that in our system he hardly could play 100% of his potential as he's a player that needs more space to create as he doesn't have a drible or pace to beat defenders. Think if he stay he would be a very improved player with Lo Celso and Ndombele playing alongside him, despite I can't see him staying.

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