Final game of the season vs. Newcastle (away)

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Whatever happens to them it'll be tough, either fighting for survival or tying to give their fans something to sing about if already relegated .

Let's try & get 11 yellows & make it so gruesome that MotD have to pixelate the highlights


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I would really be considered suicidal if don't finish above the scum. Ugly draw for all I care should a nice victory to wrap the season and send them down would be a great desert
Why don't you just stop being such a scapegoat seeking cunt :dembelefingers:

There was a lot of factors in our poor showing today. Mason had a stinker, yes. But he's one of our own just as much as Kane is. Like it or not, he's had a big part in the development, we've been through with Poch. There's always room for discussion as to whether or not we've moved beyond him and his abilities. He, just like Carroll, deserves better than simpletons blaming one person for the performance of 12+ individuals performance over 90 minutes.
Right. Enough fatalistic rhetoric about this match... we came up short today against a very good Southampton side who put their only two shots on target away and came to sit back and counter.

We're going away to a shit Newcastle team who might already be relegated by the weekend. I have faith that our players would want to make amends for being beaten at home against them (oh and Rob Elliot who singlehandedly kept them in the game that match won't be playing this one through injury).

Emotions, and the way achievement can be perceived, is unfortunately guided by the momentum of the time. We've had a crappy set of results recently, and this has meant that our best ever Premier League finish and guaranteed CL football is overshadowed by fear of being caught next weekend by the scum.

Well it's still in our hands. The football gods can be horrible at times, but perhaps this is all setting us up for a glorious finale to a great season.
Being Spurs means never doing anything the easy way...
Walker - Alderweireld - Wimmer - Vertonghen - Rose
Trippier - Eriksen - Dier - Davies
Play hoof ball, 5 at the back, wingers stay defensive. 0-0. get 2nd on goal difference. Eriksen is only on to get us a goal from a corner with Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Wimmer, Dier and Kane to aim for in the box. Nothing can go wrong.



Joe Clash

If we don't finish above Woolwich after all this I'm jumping off the fucking Tyne Bridge after the game. These players owe us that much.
Don't do it to yourself mate. Players do it for themselves. With group stage CL secured, that's them done.

On another issue, why did/do we play our first and last matches of the season away from home, with 3 Monday nights in a row when we had half a chance? Load of bollocks really.
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Agree... that fucking killed us in the end...
(Although straight after the Stoke won it felt like a VERY good idea!)

It disrupted the rhythm of the week, nullifying what could have been an advantage by having a full week off... but we were ALWAYS having to play catch up EACH TIME rather than putting ACTUAL pressure on Leicster Dilly-Ding-Dong by maybe playing first once in a while...

I can't for one minute think that Sky did it deliberately to give Dilly-Dong an advantage... did they?

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The sunderland result will have a bearing on this. I enjoy our away performances and seem to be much more confident. But at the minute we look all over the place. We have completeley fallen apart. We have the draw on our side, but its hard to imagine that to be honest. Its going to fucking happen again isnt it
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