Fernando Llorente

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I think Llorente did pretty well, again. The truth is very few strikers put away all their chances, even Kane misses when he ought to score sometimes. Llorente is in his thirties, and is still finding his rhythm having not played much since he signed for us. You can tell he is a good striker because he is getting into this goal scoring positions. And I think his all round contribution has much improved the last couple of games. He's a good backup at the moment. And actually we could be lucky here - maybe by the time Kane is back Llorente will have fully shaken off the rustiness and we can play them both together some of the time.

I really do want us to sign a new young striker in the summer though. Someone with pace.
People complaining about him missing chances... means he's getting chances. When he comes on, he becomes threat defenders can't ignore especially from cross... Which frees up spaces for others like Sonny. He's an asset. Not liability.


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Easily his best PL game for us based on open play today. And another assist to boot.

One could still discuss if we use him correctly by having him drop down to help in build up since he so often ends up out of position to receive the cross but he looked good today

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Another assist for him. Can't fault his output.

6 goals and 4 assists in 7 starts in all competitions this season for us.


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
I think his movement off the ball has to be better.
The other side of that argument is that maybe we should utilize him differently. He's performing well enough (especially now that he has some games in him). But he is a more traditional target man so maybe he should not be involved as much in the build up as he is.

For reference:
I thought his touch was much improved today - some good hold up work and was continuously fouled especially in the first half. Another assist to boot. I think people underestimate how hard it is to come into a team having played next to no football and fill the shoes of the best striker on the planet. He's never going to a world beater but has done well for us in Kane's absence.
He has done a decent job so far, we will never get someone to do what Kane does, but he is at least replicating part of it, getting the ball to Son and Eriksen on the edge of the area where they are dangerous and he has scored a few goals. Job done in my book.

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