Fernando Llorente

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A different option, proven goal scorer and probably content to be a plan B - something we don't have.

If it fucks Chelsea over too all the better.

All the melters complain about a lack of depth. This is depth. Alternative options.

We need a striker. Most would agree. This is ideal IMO.

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Guessing there won't be many players who scored 15 prem goals last season on the move today.

Smart business. Offers a completely different option of attack.
bit of a panic buy, like aurier, imo. not that they aren't good enough but they just don't fit the profile of poch/levy signings.
While he scored 15 goals, how many did he score coming off the bench? There is a big difference between scoring when starting and scoring off the bench. When a player doesn't play as often, he won't be as sharp.

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I can't for the life of me understand Llorente. Looks like we missed out on options a / b / c and d and then found that Bony thought we were not big enough for him. I am fucked off, the bright light moment will be if we have fucked Chelsea...small crumb.

Is this our Raz moment again ?
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