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Would be one of the biggest ones if true
Would be awesome if true as you say, one of the finest guitarists originally of The Yardbirds who has stood the test of time, particularly as a solo artist.
No disrespects, but that Hi ho silver lining was a cheap/formula pop song (forced on him by his label) that makes him cringe and embarrasses him to this day as he's a serious musician not at all a 'pop' one. Either way, Jeff Beck is a heavy hitter in the music scene across the globe even to this today very relevant.
Jeff Beck (guitarist - He appeared on TOTP in the week before THFC's Cup Final with Chelsea in 1967 to perform the School Disco Classic Hi Ho Silver Lining and shouted "Up the Spurs" during his guitar solo)
Just IMAGINE what the Wolves fans must make of that...?
"Booot... boooot, iss ouerrrr Song!"

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Did you actually find your name in the end credits for the previous movies you worked for?
Yup.... I'm in there, thank fuck... otherwise, no one would ever know it was me...
I requested to be credited as "1882" for this one, but they wanted 'real names'... #sticklers!
You're the big yellow penis thing, aren't you?

You wouldn't confirm before but I know it in my heart.
That's me baby!! A giant YELLOW COCK!

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