FA Cup - Steven Bergwijn vs Southampton (H) 5/02 - 19:45KO

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You shouldn't.

With respect, this reply makes YOU sound like a prick.... Am I justified in calling you a pedo now too?

You're better than this, fella.
Mate he's not, the whole little 'clique' are on ignore, it's only when someone copies and pastes that I see their nonsense. The day I worry about some idiot's childish name calling is a sad day indeed ... Jerry is a low intelligence poster who resorts too racism, sexism, and pretty much any other low level generic insult that he thinks clever/amusing/relevant at the time, it's all a bit pathetic and I suspect the sign of a sad lonely life, but that's pure guesswork.

Let him post away with his bigotry and racist comments - "everyone in Thailand is a Peado" - bet his mum's so proud.

I would be the first to admit that I deliberately wind up the left, the bigots, and the anti Levy/Spurs trolls and whilst the vast majority can argue back in an intelligent way ... the few who just resort to childish insults or worse ... well that's what the ignore function is for.

Got to go time for my daily massage - schoolgirl or ladyboy - decisions, decisions .....

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likely been canvassed, but should Son have just kept his feet and slotted that goal? on highligths view looked like an open goal...
Not sure if he can that easily. Looks to me like the keeper tried to grab hold of his leg, going at speed that's going to put him off balance. And the risk of then not scoring is too high. Whereas if the penalty isn't given, there's still the chance of VAR giving that. Seems like the sensible move.
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