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Important Donations - Help support us & remove adverts

Discussion in 'Info & Feedback' started by The Fighting Cock, 15 Mar 2013.

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  1. The Fighting Cock

    The Fighting Cock

    6 Dec 2011
    #1 The Fighting Cock, 15 Mar 2013
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    We’re not big on filling the site with adverts & pop-ups. We don’t like using sites that are overrun with them and it’s not what The Fighting Cock is about.

    However, the reality of recording a weekly podcast and running a busy website means there are costs involved.

    So if you like what we do and you can spare a few quid to help us pay for the hosting, we would certainly appreciate it.

    You can make a donation via the Account Upgrades option.

    Account upgrades are automatic, remain active for the period you have selected and remove any adverts on the forum.

    Alternatively, you can grab a copy of our fanzine or one of our t-shirts.

    Thanks for the support.
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