Danny Rose

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On a serious note though, the sentiment here is evident.
Rose trumps Davies.

If Poch keeps rotating them for no apparent reason, will people blame Poch, or Levy.

I think I know
I think poch knows rose is the better LB but is Danny still being nursed back? Can he now play Sunday and then again on Wednesday, I think we need to be careful with Danny, but he should have always been rested for the Fulham game with yesterday in mind so fuck knows really! :pochfacepalm:


Whilst Rose has entered into great form. He's soon to be 29 and we must find his heir.

I would splash big on Kieran Tierney in the summer.
His journey back to form deserves more recognition. He was brilliant tonight, other than some frustrating crosses. Aggressive and intelligent. It we had anything like him on the other wing we'd be flying.
He should have shut the fcuk up then when he got too gobby and disrespectful.

His aggression and Walker's previously were key to how we played.
We're a totally different proposition with Rose on the pitch. His anticipation is tremendous, he always seems to be a step ahead of the action and ready to pounce before the opposition, in both attack and defense.
Apologies, I misread your post, I thought you meant both leaving.
Get one top one in,one out, leave the other as back up for a while.

I can't see Poch wanting to bed in 2 RBs in the same preseason.

I thibk both are playing for their Spurs careers but only one will leave in my opinion.

Not been good enough if the aim is to raise the overall bar.

Hopefully they change it round.
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I will be very surprised if both Aurier and Trippier were at the club at the start of next season.
Trips is British and clearly Poch's first choice so it would be very odd if we sold him and not Aurier. Aurier cost 5 times as much as Trippier and has barely made a memorable contribution outside of some daft penalties. Trips is a superb crosser, a good egg and has shown more than enough to stay.

It's clear from his selections that of our 4 senior full-backs, Aurier is least trusted by the manager. He's also taking up a foreign player spot and getting in KWP's way. He's also a mentalist. We don't need him.
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