Danny Rose

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Moaning isn't moaning if its about our other fans.
Keep proving the doubters & abusers wrong Danny boy. We look a better balanced team when he is playing & on form.

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Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness

  1. 1.
    (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.
    "the warrior heroes of ancient Greece"
    synonyms: fighter, soldier, fighting man, serviceman, combatant
    "fearsome warriors"
  2. 2.
    Danny fucking Rose
Such a pisstake he was booked for diving and Salah was not, the Liverpool agenda is becoming a farce
What the fuck was that about

When you can see you're about to be taken out. Fuckin right you take a bit of evasive action ... or leave your legs planted and let them get snapped

It's a bit like not trying to slip a punch in the face !


Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness
How many times has he picked up injuries and then played on. Bombing up with lung busting runs, putting his body on the line, committing players etc?

And cunts have the cheek to say he has to win them back. Bore off.

Don't ever wanna hear that Davies is better again. Idiots.
Glad he is getting back and should be in front of Davies for the remainder of the season. He is so important to our attack and what has been missing for awhile. If he can stay healthy for another couple years I would be a very happy spurs fan

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Immense performance. Seems to have put his issues aside and got himself back to peak condition. Can’t ask any more than that, particularly when many (myself included) thought his best days had passed. Let’s hope he now realises that he’s best off under Poch’s wing & motors on.
Sensational stuff last night.
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