Congratulations guys

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Dennis The Menace

Biggest game in our history and we concede a penalty after 20 seconds. You can only laugh

That penalty decision was atrocious; that said we had 89 minutes plus stoppage time to turn over on the day - a below par Liverpool display.

I didn’t laugh either but I know what you mean!

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Tottenham till I die
The most frustrating thing was that we had every reason not to play scared. Down 1-0 after 2 minutes, we had to score. Lose 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, it doesn't matter, it's a loss. I know we were worried about the counter, but we had to score, we didn't have the luxury of sitting back waiting to strike on the counter, and instead we were far too patient.

I won't get over this one for awhile, but I'll look back at this season and be incredibly proud of making the final, and securing top 4 despite a ton of injuries and playing nearly the whole season away from home....again.
If in October, after the 2-2 with PSV you were told that Kane would have been out in the spring for 2 months but that you would have reached CL's final and placed in the top 4 in PL ... what would you have said?
Congratulations guys. Tonight you will sleep badly, tomorrow will be a bad Sunday but then with a cool head you understand that it was a great season.
I support Juventus, I know what it means to lose a CL final (we lost 7 and won 2) but this group was applause. All then inaugurating a new stadium. Chapeau!
Quality post.
You always come on here with respect and from my point of view, are welcome anytime.
Quality post.
You always come on here with respect and from my point of view, are welcome anytime.
Thank you. I understand your bitterness because, as I said, Juventus played many finals (only by CL since 1992, Real has played 7, 6 Milan and Juventus, 5 Bayern and Barcelona, 4 Manchester United and Liverpool) and after a defeat like Saturday's in which no one has prevailed in a clear way we will spend days thinking about that particular, that change, etc.

With the new stadium it will be interesting to see the new boundaries of the team. Usually the average points in the home increases.
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