Colchester United v Tottenham Hotspur (24-09-19) (7.45pm)

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I totally agree with you. Players need to give 100% all the time. Especially players like we played vs Colchester, who are fighting for playing time!

But let’s be clear, Man City wins League Cups because their second string is good enough to easily win their early round matches and then they (like us) play their first team if they get deep into the competition. Our second string is way worse than their second string. Doesn’t excuse losing to Colchester of course.

In the end though, I just don’t care about the League Cup. Hopefully Poch can use the loss as a motivational point for the rest of the campaign.
Yeah that will spark us into a title challenge.
Convinced of it.

Oh no, we can’t win that either because City’s second string are too good.....FA Cup? Nope, might as well go out to Oxford as that will motivate us to win the CL.....oh no that’s right we’ll be knocked out in the groups but that’s good because all these cup defeats will motivate us to scrape 4th...


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