Christian Eriksen

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Hi there:) Another dane here. I have been following this site ever since Eriksen made the switch to Tottenham and am only now offering some humble opinion to this saga. I will do as my co-dane did and try and weigh in on what is what and what is not (as if I in any way could know for sure - i do not;). However...
Firstly, I will be completely honest and state that my favourite club is and has always been FC Barcelona. I became a fan of them a year and a half before Michael Laudrup made his move into the team from Juventus. And well... Yes, i was completely sold on their breathtaking style of football, and it has been that way ever since.
I was born in England, on the Isle of Wight, and despite so many great english teams over the years, none have ever sparked any continuous feelings of the sort that Barca have (no offence intended). Hope you all will welcome me here
Tottenham made me fall in love with the Premier League when Eriksen made the move to WHL, and has since made me fall completely in love with the Club. I now have to loves in football, my first love, and my mistress.
Eriksen in many ways reminds me of Laudrup. Not the exact style of play, but his work ethic, his vision and his genuine and honest approach to the game - a gentleman's approach.

I have been torn in regards to Eriksen. On one hand i felt he was always destined for FC Barcelona, walking in the footsteps of Laudrup and maybe exceeding him (just maybe).
On the other hand I feel that he was the spark that lit up the burlesque in England for me, the place i could be naughty when my wife couldn't (or wouldn't) entertain me.

I feel about 98% sure, that should he leave, Eriksen will leave for one club only. My first love.

What Spurs have achieved in such a confined space of time, has been marvellous and nothing less than stunning.
Hats off to Levy - he has indeed framed the "Audere est Facere".
Tottenham have become a real threat and a force to be reckoned with and a serious competitor for the biggest trophy's out there.

By now all you beautiful Yid Army Glory's should know that it is hardly the paycheque that is deterring Eriksen from signing the contract. He is playing for 70k/week - a fecking drop in modern football terms (disgusting for some either way i am sure).

Look at what is going on, and when i explain, i hope this makes some sense (it does to me).
Madrid are pundits favourites atm for Eriksen's. I would challenge that as a complete bucket of Woolwich!
What is true, and what has always been true, is that Eriksen doesn't make rash or sudden decisions (doesn't even do that on the ball). His move to Ajax was well contemplated, couple of years later he made an even smarter decision, much to the surprise of both the english and danish media. The money off Bale yielded a bunch of players, herein Eriksen, the only player from that €100mio to really be a success.
Why will he not go to Real Madrid? Because they do not have a plan and with key players rapidly ageing I just laugh this one off. As should all of you. They don't have a coach. They do not have the players for it. I fail to see the attraction to a player of Eriksen stature, it would be like starting over for him. And for what reason really??

The situation with Rabiot at PSG is extremely interesting, though. Long has the frenchman been on Barca's radar, but they are well aware of is antics at PSG. He is free to sign a contract with them now, Barca are free to talk to Rabiot and sign him come July should the wish to do so. So with all the talk and rumours, why hasn't he, or they?
Maybe the situation with Eriksen being out of contract in 18 months has changed something. The difference in quality of each player is just embarrassing for Rabiot. If Barca were to sign Eriksen this summer, i would just hand them the CL trophy for the next 4-5 years. No contest! Look at the players they currently have, look at what they have done in the market as of late and look at what may be on it's way in. It would just destroy anything out there with Eriksen on that team.

However, if Barca do sign, Rabiot. Then i feel very very relaxed in Eriksen drawing his John Hancock to pen a new deal for 5 years with Spurs. It just makes the most sense with Tottenham penning so many solid players and the coach, the new stadium etc etc. It would be the continuation of his own legacy at an honest and great club.
Honesty and humility have always been core values of Eriksen on or off the field of play. It would be down to a club and team effort, that truly deserves the recognition. Not fast money splashed but hard work.

So I therefor argue, that in essence there are only two possibilities. Either he goes to Barcelona to form a truly terrifying formidable force with Messi, Dembélé, Coutinho, Suárez, Busquets, Arthur, Alba, Umtiti, Vidal, Ter Stegen and probably Neymar, or, he stays put to try and reach the pinnacle with improving and beautiful Spurs.

I cannot see anything else happen.
If I'm right about the latter option - someone buy me pint when i come to visit.

Nice post BUT fuck Barca, they're as detestable as Real.

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Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Hmmm what does that mean. . . “Good discussions” surely if he wanted to stay we would have offered him exactly what he wanted and he would have signed by now.
My guess (so as good as anyone's without any real knowledge of the situation):
Eriksen is probably happy with the offer we have made. But is holding out to see what offers he will get from either of the Spanish giants


Eric sends his regards
Perhaps he just wants to know what our plans are regarding transfers.
It would be reasonable to inquire before signing a further 5 year contract. If we are not planning to sign a very good CDM for example, then he may decide he is out. Hopefully he will like our plans and stay, as with him we have a better chance of winning many things in the next few seasons.
You cannot truly replace a special player like Eriksen though, compromises will have to be made.
Hope we never have to see them.

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Where's the Kaboom?
Evening Standard last night reported no issues with money...he is, apparently, keeping his options open, re lifestyles and opportunities


Eriksen wants to see where we are going, apparently money is not the issue. CL football and the real prospect of a serious title or CL challenge are what he's about. If we keep going as we are he will almost certainly sign a new contract, that's all second hand but allegedly what he and his agent have been saying all along.

Could a squillion a week offer from Spain sway him? who knows ... but if he wants to leave this summer DL won't sell for under 200m you can take that as gospel
I think he is waiting for Barcelona and they couldn't buy a better player for £100m or even less in the summer, he might sign a new one if they are not interested.


Chess extraordinaire
The rumours surrounding Poch etc. probably have a hand in it to be honest. Whilst we're all pretty confident he will stay, he's said as much. Anything in football can happen.

The latest words from Eriksens mouth are certainly positive. It'll be a mix of Pochettino staying and seeing who's interested in him in the summer. Barcelona have just signed Rabiot for midfield and are now favourites to sign de Jong. Both are midfield players who add to an already stacked midfield department (Busquets, Arthur, Vidal Suarez, Coutinho, Rakitic, Alena, Puig). They could obviously buy de Jong and aim to play him centre back, where he is capable, of course.

Plus, Valverde may not even stay through the summer. He could quite easily leave. Barcelona fans aren't happy with him and they want him gone, he'll be gone. A new manager could quite easily declare his interest in Eriksen and tell him that he's the one guy he wants to take them to Champions League glory etc. and that'll be him gone.

However, I am a lot more confident of him staying than I was yesterday.

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