Breaking the £100m barrier?

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I am loving the transfer thread but I have a question, we are being linked with loads of players. Most fans expect a couple of signings but do we really believe we will break that £100m barrier in total outlay?

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Levy has to spend to keep Poch happy. Without Poch, it will all fall apart

I know Levy is cheap but I think he even realizes this.
Interesting to see the varied responses so far. I am sitting on the fence myself, I think Poch walks if we don’t.

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Poch won't walk this summer if we don't spend the money...he could never get a job again quitting under those circumstances. But certainly he could leave next year if a big club comes calling.

Also yes I think we will spend 100 million, but we will make at least 50 back on sales.
We earned a lot of unexpected money from the CL run but we will not be spending massive amounts. Expensive incoming signings will have to be funded by sales as they always are. Levy is not planning to spend £120m on Lo Celso and Ndombele while turning down £80m for Eriksen. Sell to buy is still the order of the day.
Anything less than £125m would be an absolute disgrace.
£100m + player sales money is the sweetspot for all involved for me. £125m would be great but if Poch gets a ton plus cash that comes in I don't think he can have any complaints. We don't want too many changes, just the right ones that blend with the traditions Poch has implemented with the lads.

The quality in which Levy negotiates player sales will determine if Poch can squeeze another signing out of it all in my opinion. It'll make for a very fascinating summer be it a good one or a bad.
Squad players who will definitely leave:

Janssen, GKN. Total £10m+.

Squad players who will probably leave:

Aurier, Lamela, Wanyama, Onomah. Total £35m+.

1st teamers who may well leave:

Trippier, Toby, Eriksen. Total about £100m.

So that's a total of about £150 mill potential sales. We could spend £200 mill and have a net spend of only 😵 £50 mill.
I think it could happen.
Considering we actually made money when you group last summer/January's windows together (by selling Dembele) and the 100-odd million Euros we made from our Champions League adventure this season, I'd say it's not just possible - it's damn near necessary to take the next step with this team.

While the exact net spend may be a bit unpredictable with things like the price Levy will be able to get for Eriksen (and how low he could keep the Ndombele and Lo Celso prices if we got them), don't forget there's other business to take care of such as Sessegnon and a new RB that will likely also require at least a little outlay on top.
1. Easily break the £100m purchase of players barrier if Eriksen leaves - he'll contribute £80m towards that and the other £20m + will be easy to find, disregarding Uncle Daniel's contribution.

2. If Eriksen doesn't leave we will be far more dependent upon Daniel putting his hand in his pocket.

I'd guess that (1) is 80%+ probable, and think Daniel will put his hand in his pocket simply because we made world record profits last financial year and followed that up with getting almost 100m from CL this year and have a stadium capable of throwing off a lot of cash (even assuming £50m pa stadium repayment cost) - with Daniel recognising we need a good team playing there otherwise cash flow will dry up, so he knows player investment is required.
Honestly, we should consider ourselves successful if we are able to grab Ndombele for 45ish + a 30m attacker (Sess?) and a 10m something else (Young CB/CDM?). We might well sell a ton of players, but to think Levy is gonna open up the wallet any more than the bare minimum is some kind of pipe dream. I say less than 1% chance Levy spends 100m or over.

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