Borussia Dortmund vs Tottenham Hotspur - Westfalenstadion - 5th March 2019

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I thought the First 35 minutes were pretty poor to be honest. There were some great individual pieces of defending (Vertonghen, Davies, Lloris) but way too much last ditch stuff to call it “tactically excellent” if Dortmund had got an early goal it would have got a bit squeaky.

But then Poch effectively pulled up another bus, by moving Son back to LM, Eriksen RM, went 541 and that pretty much quelled the storm.

The early goal second just knocked the bollocks out of Dortmund and the rest of the second half was a cruise.

Credit to Sissoko for spotting and playing the through ball and an excellent finish by Kane.

Nice one, the penny is dropping

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It was his 3rd assist of the season, Mick.
Who Bust Deductor?
He's been no help to me.

I meant the pennies dropped and he's decided to give his long winded bore-a-thons a break, and post something readable.
Not sure it's him though because he said something about Sissoko that wasn't derogatory.
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