Best Yido Pubs and places to get a drink.

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Brickies every time at Spurs...

Away from London, The Jolly Sailor in St Albans is always worth a nose-in on a Spurs match-day... (even though the landlord is a Liverpool fan, the place is always packed with Yids whenever we're playing!)

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used to use the one next to Northumberland Park station quite a bit, nowadays im a bit of a vagrant - tbh im not a fan of the bars which are rammed full with people singing and that so we try and find somewhere a bit further out either in Edmonton or down past Bruce grove. the bar which used to be The Coolbury Club is as close as i venture to the ground before the game


eggsoakley said:
Billy Nick used to be my favourite, but the police have clamped down on drinking outside it so they have introduced a shitty barrier & also stopped people getting cans from the offy next door. So it's now normally rammed inside and out.

But they do have a pole dancer who is actually decent, better than the old rope they used to have which resembled a drugged up russian bear forced to dance for kicks.
That's got really annoying, used to go to the offy as it saved me cash and I didn't have to queue for ages


No such thing as TMI
At weekends we park near The Victoria at Scotland Green (quiet but quick to get served), so we have one in there. Then, we used to go to bootlaces but it shut down, so we use that nightclub type place that looks like a strip joint next to the Bricklayers. I used to go to the Bricklayers but kind out grew out of spilling beer and getting squashed...

If I'm walking up for a weekday evening game, I walk up from SS tube with a workmate. I like to break the journey a bit (or pub-crawl, whichever way you look at it) – Elbow Room first (cheap as fuck and covered over smoking bit out back), then The Victoria, then the B&H.

The conservative club in Bruce Grove is cheap and has a MASSIVE beer garden, it's like sitting in the country.

Has anyone been in the new pub Pride of Tottenham (I think, where Scotland Green meets the High Road)?

[Who you calling an alkie?]

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Man up and LOL
This from Spurs Facebook page today. Do you think the web support people read forums at all?

"Tottenham Hotspur
Do you have a favourite Bar or Pub to meet fellow Spurs fans before going to a game or to watch a match? This can be near The Lane, elsewhere in the UK or even Overseas. Please let us know..."
We used to go to the Antwerp Arms near the park havent been in ages, started to use the British Queen as it was nearer the station and easy to get served. Now that's gone might try the Antwerp again as a change from the B and H. Anyone know what the Antwerp is like nowdaYS?
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