BAE chants

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was in the irish centre after beating the scum and some drunken fans were singing this

to the tune of it's crazy but it true

it was al a bit drunken but i think the words are

I dont know what is that make me love you so
i cant pronouce your name i think its akotto
you got something we all can see
thats why we call you BAE
crazy but's true
his middle name is assou


reiiid said:
I dont have a BAE one, can I do Kaboul one instead?

to the tune of aga do do do

Ka-a boul boul boul
head like boulder, legs like trees
ka-a boul boul boul
not quite ledley but good kness
to the left, to the right
up and down he'll jump all night
he's from france, likes a dance
and he scooored agaaainst leee arrrrse
must admit thats pretty good just such a crap song still didnt stop "shame about the Woolwich"
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